Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Slow Toilet Leak Causes Extensive Damage

This Suffolk home had a slow toilet leak that went unnoticed for quite a while, which led to extensive damage to the flooring, subflooring, and drywall in the b... READ MORE

Fallen Ceiling in Suffolk, VA

This home in Suffolk, VA had an upstairs toilet that leaked and caused significant water damage, which led to the ceiling collapsing on the first floor. The hom... READ MORE

Broken Water Main in Courtland, VA

This modular home in Courtland had their main water source bust, causing extensive damage throughout the customers home. We mitigated and repaired several rooms... READ MORE

Water Damage in Suffolk, VA

These photos show the result of a water heater leak in a Suffolk home that caused significant damage in multiple rooms. The after photo shows the home like new,... READ MORE

HVAC Leak Ruins Floors

This home has its HVAC system under the home which had been leaking for some time and homeowner was unaware. Needless to say, it caused a huge mess. Our team, h... READ MORE

Category 3 Water Damage

These photos of a customer's home in Suffolk, VA show the before and after of their restroom as a result of the toilet overflowing. Being the water came from th... READ MORE

Water Damage from HVAC System

This beautiful home in Courtland, VA experienced a huge loss due to the HVAC system which was located in the crawlspace, malfunctioning. The malfunction caused ... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom in Suffolk Home

This customer had a pipe leak in the bathroom of their Suffolk home that went unnoticed for some time and caused quite a bit of damage to the flooring, walls an... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage

The customer had water damage from tub supply line which damaged entire restroom and adjoining bedroom. He asked that after water mitigation to upgrade the repa... READ MORE

Dishwasher Leak in Suffolk, VA

This family's home was for sale and a contract already put on their new home in Georgia when this loss occurred. The dishwasher had a slow leak that by the time... READ MORE

Flooded bathroom in Suffolk, VA

How's this for unexpected?! Your toddler turns on his bathroom sink faucet unbeknownst to you, which is located on the 2nd floor. You leave on a family outing f... READ MORE